2017 World Cup Commemorative Edition Jersey
  • 2017 World Cup Commemorative Edition Jersey
  • 2017 World Cup Commemorative Edition Jersey
  • 2017 World Cup Commemorative Edition Jersey

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2017-2018 NRL National Rugby League World Cup commemorative edition high quality Jersey Rugby Shirts 

I grew up in the highlands of Papua New Guinea in a very mountainous area. My Dad is a community health worker and works in a health centre. My Mum is a farmer and a pastor too. My Christian beliefs are a big part of my life, of all our lives. I thank the Lord for everything that happens to us.

As you might know, rugby league is a bit like a religion for people in PNG too.

PNG people will do nearly anything to play a game of league. We used to walk everywhere, and sometimes we’d walk to another village to play a friendly rugby league match against another village.

If the village was far away from us, it would take five our six hours and we’d walk back the next day.

That shows you the passion that people in PNG have for the game. Everyone loves rugby league and they play it everywhere, any way they can.

As little kids in remote communities, sometimes we didn’t even have a ball. So we would take an empty Coke bottle and put grass into it to make it heavier – this was a plastic bottle by the way, not a glass one! You’d be surprised: even with a bottle full of grass, you can throw a pretty good spiral pass nrl jersey sale.

The fields were not too good in my province. Most of them don’t have a very flat surface, and it often gets muddy or whatever. But we still love it. Rugby league is the national sport here state of origin shirts.

And when you go to play in Australia, it seems like the whole country is watching.australian rugby league jersey