Loppets: Real Madrid knows how to play against the wind and the second half is too smelly

Loppets Satisfaction Team Victory Loppets satisfaction team victory

Home against the Spaniard, Real Madrid 1-0 small win, after the game coach Loppets expressed satisfaction. Loppets said: “When the ball is not in our control, the team knows how to endure the pain.” Asensio scored points, the Spaniards played well and organized, and we knew it would be difficult to play against them.

” Real Madrid looked sleepy, Loppets said: “After a complex and difficult game, this is a very crucial three points.” In the second half we lacked energy and lost control of the ball.

” This game, Odriosola, Marcos-Trent, Nacho rotation appearances, but Dionysius not. Loppets said: “The new players have been positive, they have played a full game, although Nacho started to get a yellow card, which greatly affected him.” We have to assess what each player can bring to the team and eventually let Valverde into the list and give up the Dionysius. Let’s see if he is going to the Castile game tomorrow.

” On Ramos’s position, Loppets said: “This situation can happen sometimes, a player steals the ball, if there is an offensive opportunity to go up.” This is a part of the football that shouldn’t be discussed, because not everything in football can be discussed. ”

Icardi: Inter and any team 55 open it’s just a start

. In the early morning of September 19 in Beijing time, the Champions League in the first round of a match, inter with Icardi and Bessino goals, the last moment 2-1 win Tottenham Hotspur.

After the match, Inter Milan goal hero Icardi in an interview, said Inter now and any team can compete. Icardi first recalled his goal: “Everyone is in the box, but I don’t.” Gerald Asamoah out a wonderful ball, the result is very good. It was a great afternoon and we did what we needed to do.



” Then Icardi expressed his confidence in the current inter: “We know we are a strong team and we can compete with anyone.” We have been waiting for this game for three months, which gives us a lot of impetus. A game like this, especially in the Champions League, gives us a lot of confidence. Bessino had a similar performance before, and the most important thing was that we won the game. But just winning a game doesn’t make any sense, we have to stay calm, continue our performance, and respond to the Saturday league with a different mindset. ”

Former Birmingham high school football coach accused of having sex with a player

Daniel Carlisle
A football coach at Birmingham High School was arrested for allegedly having sex with a player.

Irondale police said on Monday that Daniel Mason Carlisle was arrested before the arrest of the Carver High School girl coach in Birmingham and was arrested on September 13. Irondale police Det said he was accused of being a school employee who was doing sex with students. sergeant. Michael Mangina

Mangina said it was alleged that there was a wrongful act in the Irondale home of Carlisle, 36, in February. The victim was 17 years old and was a player of Carlisle. No other details were provided.

The police said that the felony order was signed on September 13. He was scheduled to enter Jefferson County Prison at 3:46 pm. Released at 11:35 pm on Thursday. After the release of the $5,000 bond.


The Birmingham City School issued this statement on Monday: “The Birmingham City School regards student safety and security as a top priority, and the school district is fully committed to taking the necessary steps to protect students and employees. We have realized and suffered from it. When it is forbidden to discuss issues related to personnel, we can confirm that the system no longer employs individuals. We cooperate fully with law enforcement in this regard.”

Jaffe, Hanle, Whisonant & Knight, P.C. Law firm’s Birmingham lawyers Michael Hanle and Brett Knight represent Carlisle. They provided AL.com with such a statement: “Our customers strongly deny any misconduct related to pending charges and plan to plead guilty. He left the Birmingham City School System in June 2018 to pursue other him. The departure was made before any charges were filed in the case. Our company is conducting an independent investigation into these allegations, and Daniel is looking forward to solving this problem as soon as possible.”

Life is hard! Jose Mourinho has disappointed the guy who’s watching the joke and he’s going to fight for United

Jose Mourinho salutes fans of Mourinho salute fans Manchester United got out of the trap with a wave of two straight wins. Jose Mourinho is also temporarily out of the crisis of class. There are still so many players in Manchester United who are willing to work for Jose Mourinho, who is still loved by the United fans.

Jose Mourinho has chosen to fight against United in the end, this season is winner, not good to say. For Jose Mourinho’s prospects for Manchester United this season, almost everyone is not optimistic. One is that Mourinho’s history, often in his third season of coaching, will be in great trouble, known as “Mu three years.” The second is that Manchester United have had no other gains in the new season, from the point of view of the war force, and now Feudres has become a substitute for the addition of Fred. The third is because some of Manchester United’s core players are embroiled in rumours of a transfer, such as Pogba. Mourinho and the club also have contradictions, so the team’s morale is not particularly stable.

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At the beginning of the season, the betting company manager’s class odds, Mourinho is ranked first.
Jose Mourinho is thrilled to celebrate the second goal of United after Manchester United scored the second goal After the start of the season, Mourinho’s movements are as real as the bookmakers predicted. United have lost 2 of them in the first 3 rounds, Mourinho’s handsome position has become shaky, and even several media say Zidane is ready to take over. Almost all British media are waiting for Jose Mourinho to finish the class, to brush a wave of traffic.

But Mourinho survived, and he disappointed the man who had seen his jokes. In the last round, Manchester United bloodless to win the Burnley with 2-0. Manchester United scored a 2-1 win against the four-year-old Watford in the first round of the season. Mourinho fought back the doubters with two straight wins. But from a single detail in this field, Jose Mourinho is burdened with great pressure.

When Smalling scored the second goal of Manchester United, Jose Mourinho was unusually agitated, he was ready to celebrate with a pair of fists, but was pulled by a nearby aide, and Jose Mourinho and the aide hugged him to celebrate the goal, and his pressure was completely released.
After winning the game, Jose Mourinho thanked the fans again, and after a courteous and polite win, Jose Mourinho thanked the fans again for their courteous courtesy. Mourinho is not going to give up easily. He has repeatedly expressed his desire to coach United for many seasons and to lead Manchester United to a revival. Although he and the club at the top of some of the contradictions between the aid, but the British media quoted sources said that if not because of Manchester United, Jose Mourinho has already left the liquidated damages. Jose Mourinho believes he can lead United to success. Jose Mourinho has a strong ability to defuse the crisis. After Manchester United’s 0-3 defeat at Tottenham Hotspur, Musan has long interacted with the fans of the field, at least because he is still loved by the United fans and knows he has not lost his hearts. Then, before the game against Burnley, United fans even used a plane to pull a banner that said “failure specialist Woodward.”

“This is actually a force for Jose Mourinho, and the United fans think the club is the deepest reason why Manchester United failed to win the championship in recent years.”
Most British Manchester United fans, or most of the United Kingdom United fans, is still very mu
S3.pfp.sina.net/ea/ad/12/1/70516f6f2d7f36f0db75be089df67748.jpg Manchester United legend Gary Neville is adamant in his support for Mourinho, saying: “Is Jose Mourinho dismissed?” This is nonsense. Even Ferguson has failed to win the premiership in 2003-2006, not to mention that the current situation is even more difficult. Jose Mourinho has been very successful in his 25 years of coaching, and I think he has reversed the decline of Manchester United.

” So the story of Jose Mourinho and Manchester United is far from over. His rivalry with Guardiola and Klopp will continue, perhaps the best screenplay in the Premiership.

Warm-up-Neymar 1 shots 3 crosses the new front 2 ball vault bird break Brazil 5-0

Neymar celebrates goals Neymar celebrates goals Beijing Time September 12 8:30 (US local time 11th 20:30), Brazil fought Landeauf to warm up, eventually 5:0 thrashed El Salvador. Neymar first record, 3 assists and hit the beam, the first national team first issued Richarlisson brace and make a penalty, Coutinho long shot, central defender Bryan top into a virgin.

Bench striker Everton Middle column. With a 6-player replacement, the Porto right Wilmilitang and Valencia goalkeeper Neto on the first show, Barcelona new aid Artur and Everton striker Richarlison the first national team, Alex-Sandro and Cruzeiro defender Dede also get the opportunity to replace Felipe, Fred, Firmino, Fabigno, Diego-Silva, Alison.

Nearly 5 games in El Salvador were only 1 negative, two times 0 opponents.
Richarlisson Making Point Instant Richarlisson

Neymar cushion shot instant inside the horse cushion shot In just 4 minutes, Brazil was in the lead, Richarlisson to the left side of the forbidden area to be shoveled down, penalties! Neymar fencing easy to push the lower left corner, 1:0.

This is his 59th Brazilian team, after Ronaldo (62 goals) and Bailey (77 goals). Richarlisson 16 minutes to complete the first ball, he Neymar points, in the left side of the restricted area of the door at 14 meters tui into far corner, 2:0. Immediately Neymar pass, Coutinho shot was sprang out.

Neymar 22nd minute almost brace, Coutinho the left side of the box back, Neymar in front of 10 meters left foot small angle volley hit the beam! Brazil 30 minutes to the next city, Neymar left inside cut crosses, Coutinho the front of the forbidden area directly into the lower corner, 3:0. Douglas-Costa opened a corner and Casemiro the header. Neymar the 39th minute missed the perfect opportunity, he picked up the through balls—————–to the restricted area and did not shoot directly after the goalkeeper and then Tui was blocked by the defender.

Before the end of first half, Neymar to the left side of the forbidden area to intercept the ground, was sentenced to false drop to eat to yellow card. Second half, Felipe and Fred, replaced Dede and Casemiro


Brazil the first 50 minutes to expand the victory, Coutinho restricted area left back belt was intercepted, but Richarlisson in front of 13 meters left foot vigorously volley drilled into near post, 4:0. Everton, Pakta, William appeared, replaced Coutinho, Richarlisson, Doug Costa. Brazil 59 minutes again in the box, Fred split the ball, Everton restricted area to the left side of the door 13 meters low shot near the door post out! Fred created the chance again, and William was shot out of the right side of the forbidden Zone.

William Crosses, Pakta off the frontier arc ball by goalkeeper one hand.
Bryan break Bryan the moment Manchester United midfielder Pereira replaced Artur and played the national team debut. Neymar pass, Everton off the left side of the shot was flapping out. Felipe long pass transfer, Everton restricted area right from the door 9 meters small angle Tui was sealed. Neymar 90th minute for an assist hat trick!

He left a corner, Bryan in front of 8 meters at the top of his head into the lower left corner, 5:0. Brazil (4-3-3): 12-neto/22-Militao, 3-Dede (46 ‘ Felipe), 13-Bryan, 16-Alex Sandro/15-Artur (70 ‘ Andreas-Pereira), 5-Casemiro (46 ‘ Fred), 11-Coutinho (54 ‘ Everton)/7 -Douglas-Costa (54 ‘ William), 9-Richarlisson (54 ‘ Pakta), 10-Neymar

British legend for Kane grievances: Don’t criticize him England no one feeds him pie


Sutton for Kane Grievances Sutton for Kane grievances

The Daily Mail reported that Kane had only touched the ball 20 times against Spain, and former England striker Sutton said he had not received enough support. NRL ALL BACKS

Kane only touches the ball 20 times in this game, at least among all the players who have played. “Some will point out that it proves that Kane is exhausted after a long World Cup trip and has no ability to influence the game,” said Mr Sutton.

” “Kane was really not sharp enough, and after the start of the season he hardly got a rest. But fatigue is not the main reason for his weak game, and you cannot criticize a player who has not been supported by his teammates.

” “Lingard, Ali and Henderson were unable to cope with the high-intensity press of Spain’s 3-man midfielder, who were suppressed and couldn’t pass the ball to Kane.

” “Kane relies on his teammates to pass the ball, and at Spurs he gets a lot of passes from Ali, Eriksson and Little Lucas. In Spain, the midfielder only gave him 4 balls, and Lingard did not pass it to him once.

” “In this game, Kane’s 3/4 touch is in midfield or near the midline. He looked so disappointed that he could only keep catching the ball again and again. ”

Top 5 Champions League title: Real Madrid Manchester City led no Barca

According to Football-italia, former Valencia manager Prandelli said it was a very difficult challenge for Juve to face the challenges of Valencia in the Champions League group game, the Turin Post said. “Valencia’s home is a passionate place, and their fans always make a big noise. “There will be a very difficult game waiting for Juve, and not just the atmosphere at home,” Prandelli said.

I think at home, Valencia is a dangerous opponent for Juve, and of course they will make trouble for Manchester United,” he said. But it seems to me that Juve, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester City and Paris are the top five champions of the club.

” “Of course, if your goal is to win the Champions League, then the players will have to pay more than usual in order to achieve the team’s expectations.”

” In the Champions League this season, Juve were eventually divided into Group H, with rivals including Manchester United, Valencia and Bern. Juventus will challenge Valencia in the first round of the Champions League group competition in Beijing time September 20 03:00.

Juventus legend: Cristiano Ronaldo key game stealth always into a harmless penalty


Cristiano Ronaldo has been criticized by coral for coral criticism Cristiano Ronaldo has joined Juve as one of the biggest signings of the season, with Juve legend and fans praising Cristiano Ronaldo and expressing his praise for Cristiano Ronaldo.

But a Juventus legend-Coral in an interview publicly criticized Cristiano Ronaldo, saying Cristiano Ronaldo is always invisible in key games. “There are two ways to say about Cristiano Ronaldo’s personal abilities,” Coral said. He keeps a lot of records in Spain, and he can win important titles. You have to pay tribute to him.

” “But on the other hand, I must say that you rarely see Cristiano Ronaldo play in a decisive game. He will make a 1-shot penalty, rewrite the score to 4-1, and then celebrate the goal. This is the way Cristiano Ronaldo is playing. (Note: Coral describes the 2014 Champions League final, Cristiano Ronaldo’s extra penalty, followed by stripping to celebrate the 4-1 victory over Atletico Madrid.)

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) Coral, however, expressed his appreciation for Cristiano Ronaldo’s diligence: “I talked to a lot of people about Cristiano Ronaldo and everyone was fascinated by him because he had done a lot of work on the pitch.” Only a real champion would want to be more diligent, and that’s the right thing to do with Cristiano Ronaldo. There’s a difference between a world-class player and a regular player. ”

Luis Suarez Pogba: Barcelona welcomes him He’s very good at his abilities.

Luis Suarez Pogba: Barcelona welcomes him He’s very good at his abilities.
Pogba had a bad Pogba at United. Manchester United’s core Pogba is not well-off now. Despite playing well in the World Cup, Pogba’s performance has been far from satisfactory and he has been criticised and criticized for his return to United. British media once rumored that Pogba moved out of the mind, Barca is his favorite.

Barcelona striker Luis Suarez also spoke of his own views. “Pogba is a very good player and has won everything,” Suarez said in an interview with RAC1. He has great strength and now he is one of the core of United. I think he would like to win more honors than now. Pogba is not a Barcelona player now, but he is sure to be very popular here .”

Luis Suarez must be Pogba’s ability to Pogba. Barcelona general Pique has previously expressed a welcome to Pogba, asked about the Pogba and Moody’s rumors, Pique said: “I have little knowledge of what happened to United, Pogba is a very good player, but he is now a United player.” We’ll see what happens in the future and we’ll be very happy to have Pogba. But United is the Pogba team, and if anyone wants to say something, it has to be them. ”

Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister in the flute Cristiano Ronaldo data comparison: everyone judge what

Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister is a flute. Cristiano Ronaldo data comparison of Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister In the early hours of August 31 in Beijing, UEFA announced that Real Madrid midfielder Modric has won the title of the year’s best player. But Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister Katia Aveiro in ins, suspected of questioning Uefa’s choice.

But according to the latest news, this dynamic seems to have been deleted.

In his Instagram story, Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister uploaded a picture of the Champions League Modric and Cristiano Ronaldo figures last season. As you can see from this data: Cristiano Ronaldo played 12 times in the Champions League last season, scored 15 goals and had 3 assists. In addition 4 times was awarded Orongzhou best.

Modric played 11 times, scored 1 goals with 1 assists and did not get the best of the week. Katia Aveiro also wrote: I think everyone judge what it!