On Sunday France – and all its domestic ethnic and religious politics

– was fully demonstrated. Les Bruce has just announced their second World Cup, defeating the tough Croatian team 4-2.

After the victory of this World Cup, can France finally abandon racism? | MyriamFrançois
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They hoisted the trophy for the first time in 1998, when Zidane led a team of ethnic and religious diversity, and President Chirac celebrated the symbol of France’s “unity.” His opponents are excluded, Jean-Marie Le Pen, who condemns who (I claim to be) “destroyed by food” represents the champion and does not know the words of Marseille. For Le Pen and his rising native, the color is targeted to mean everything, Arab, Berber, the team’s black and ethnic composition has been offended by the state, not a symbol of national pride.

Currently in France, this split still exists: in which colors the rapid rise of sports and competitions means everything, by the National Front and tightly attached to ITS fixed in the establishment of color blindness, that is, the representation of the world view that race is non-existent.

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Color blindness is not just a myth of France. This is the law, so the “race” and “racism” have recently been removed from the collection of constitutional and racial, ethnic or religious demographic data. Regardless of ambition and absurdity, the French-speaking color blindness and the replacement of national identity outweigh race and bloodlines, and the latter two have nothing to do with. One is simple, only France, not France and Algeria and Cameroon, France, the national spirit of the entire company.

From 1998, talking about color blindness in France, and the player’s surname is who’s face on the Arc de Triomphe, becoming a topic of national and overall concern.

The 2018 team, led by ITS Amulet, Paul Bogba, whose electric and emergency stars, and Jilian Mbappé, is even more black and brown than the 1998 team’s breakthrough. Its emergence in France to renew racial discrimination and xenophobic hostilities, through the ocean Le Pen, the new head of the former nationals, his rise in the 2017 presidential elections nearly 34% of the votes show up to the fullest.

This French team may be a pan-African all-star choice. Muslims are also prominent; stars like Pogba and N’golo Kante often pray before the game. After claiming that Russia won, they fell to the ground again. This is the French team: at the same time, it is still French.

A few seconds before the end of the World Cup, France is ready to celebrate before billions of dollars, I sent a tweet:

This tweet became a ballistic. It was forwarded 50,000 times in an hour; today it was forwarded 218,000 and was over 500,000 times. It has produced a profound resonance at home and abroad. Trevor Noah, in the daily show, quoted the tweet, and joked that “Africa won the World Cup” and painted the anger of the French ambassador. I retorted: “Unlike the United States of America, France does not refer to its citizens based on their race, religion or origin. For us, there is no hyphen.”

The ambassador doubled France’s commitment to color blindness. Noah from South Africa pointed out that racism and racism are realities that cannot be ignored.

When they win, they are black, white, Arab, and when they fail, they are low-lying people from slums.
Eric Cantona
My tweet also revealed that the French purpose of seeing color blindness in many parts of the world is essentially a romantic concept in the ground-based racial reality of France: explosive ethnic riots in populated areas of populous cities such as Paris and Marseille Tearing up a nation; institutionalizing Islamophobia and positioning Muslim identity as a country that is in opposition to French identity; hatred and white supremacist Kuomintang is the political landscape of a mainstream party.


French football legend Cantona sharply summed up the concept of emotional rejection, that is, the voice believes that “France is an African team” and praised them as only France when they won, he said: “When they win, they are black, White, Arab and if they lose, they are from the slum lowlifes “Cantona’s words echoed Benzema’s, world-class striker, already – all from the French team since being blacklisted in 2015, he said, Before the 2014 World Cup, “If I scored, I am French. If I don’t, I am Arab.”

This reveals the racial transcendence of French football, the realization of color blindness, the situation, only black or African HAD, when Arab or Muslim players are good at the stadium, and claimed to be in the country of glory, the game is illegal, but the systemic race Islamism and Islamophobia are everywhere. For Le Pen and her supporters who like the local zeal to think that France is a white country, the glory of the World Cup is not enough. Responding to her father, Le Pen, and his rising base, seeing the 2018 team as a symbol of French social decision making

The World Cup shows how VAR will shape the future of football

FIFA’s video assistant referee technology adds a new dimension to the sport.For every football (also known as football) fans, it is no bigger than the FIFA World Cup. Since 1930, it has been held every four years and the competition has been held all over the world. To be honest, the competition has not changed much. In 1998 it expanded to include 32 teams, but the rules of the game were rarely changed – mainly because FIFA is reluctant to accept emerging technologies. But at the end of Sunday, France’s 2018 version of Russia’s victory over Croatia is different. For the first time in history, FIFA has used Video Assistant Referee (VAR) in its flagship competition. And technology, good or bad (depending on the team you cheered on) is definitely a sign.

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There were 29 penalty shootouts during the 2018 World Cup, 16 more than the previous Brazilian team. Among them – VAR allows the referee to use the video to review suspicious scripts – helping officials make 11 decisions. Even though VARs are not required to review every penalty shootout, the fact that they doubled from Brazil in 2014 also shows the impact that technology has had.

2018 FIFA World Cup Final Brazil vs Belgium July 6

Brazilians are known for their uncontrollable diving, so they may not help.
No matter how you look at it, VAR provides an unprecedented safety net for referees. If the referee does not give a free throw that should be fined, the official responsible for the video input can now remind him of his mistake and help reverse the call due to a legal foul. If he does not give punishment correctly, that is the same thing – this is a luxury that did not exist before. VAR lets the referee solve their mistakes, which is very useful for the sport and its fans. Like me, they are tired of seeing their team being receiving a bad phone receiver. You can judge by the number of penalties you get in Russia. The referees are not afraid to whistle because they know they have VARs to save (or expose) them.

Although FIFA implements VAR to avoid controversy, the system will always be controversial. For example, there were some moments in the 2018 World Cup that obviously required VAR, but the referee finally decided not to use it. In Brazil during the quarter-finals against Belgium, the goalkeeper has obvious fouls in the penalty area and may have been reviewed. If VAR is used in that game, then Brazil may be in their favor. But sometimes VAR saved a day, including during the finals, when the referee missed the handball but overturned the phone after consulting the system.

Football World Cup / IBC

VAR operating room.
All in all, VAR helped overturn 17 of the 20 wrong decisions in the 2018 World Cup. These numbers are amazingly successful, but FIFA still needs to figure out how to ensure that referees use VARs more consistently. The video assistant referee can help make a bad decision, but it ultimately depends on the main game official (the one on the field, not on the video booth) whether he wants to use it to help make or make a decision. If the reference in the booth is free to draw attention to possible bad calls, then that doesn’t make much sense, right?

If the referee on the ground always listens to those who look at the VAR screen, the system may be more efficient. FIFA insists that referees, not technicians, be the controllers, but we must be clear that the referees at the video booth are still referees. I hope FIFA can find a reasonable way to resolve this disconnect.

Laurence Griffiths by Getty Images
VAR is not perfect, but it is enough to prove that FIFA is on the right path, bringing football to the modern world, close to other major leagues such as the NBA and the NFL. “VAR is cleaning up football to make it more transparent and honest,” FIFA President Gianni Infantino said at a Russian press conference. “This is progress, it’s better than it used to be. Everyone knows that no matter what you do, someone will see it… One of more than 30 cameras will find it.”

Video cameras and screens are enough for VARs to work for years, so I can only imagine what it would be like if FIFA used this technology earlier. Maybe I will see my beloved Mexico team win the “Top 16” in the 2014 match with the Netherlands, when the referee called the penalty kick, which is obviously impossible.

2018 World Cup: Why the Russian game is the best in statistics


France celebrates winning the World Cup
The French team defeated Croatia for the second time and became the world champion.
Four simple words, used in June for baking and July heat, are used throughout the country as a statement or question: “The best World Cup ever?”

For various reasons, the final 2018 international football gathering is not the most anticipated game in the history of the game, but maybe this is a good thing.

Since the host Russian team defeated Saudi Arabia’s five goals in the first game, there was almost no concession in drama and excitement. The group stage, the knockout stage, and even the finals – often an overtime overtime in the recent World Cup – provide what they need.

In an abundance of football worlds, the relative frequency of the World Cup – only once every four years – means that the game retains a fascination and cultural weight, easily surpassing the current technically superior club competition.

There seems to be some unforgettable elements of the World Cup, so let’s see how the 2018 really measures:

Need to be dramatic
Ronaldo scored a “sensational” free kick to complete the hat trick
Unlike the league season, the World Cup has no time for a slowly burning story to form.

All Black Camouflage Blue

It requires a short and sharp drama from the start. There was no disappointment in 2018. The Spanish team and the Portuguese team immediately scored a 3-3 draw in the second day of the match and correctly used it as a classic for the tournament. Cristiano Ronaldo’s last free kick was to ensure that the Portuguese team got a place in the day’s game. In the 89th minute, Uruguay played against Egypt and the 95th Iran team played against Moro.

In total, there are 9 goals in the last minute of the game or injury time (plus 4 failures – avoid equalizing the score), more than the previous World Cup, only 5 games from 1998 – 2014 One less sum.

The most recent goal is that football is equivalent to removing the plastic from the old cassette to prevent it from being recorded. They pay close attention to drama.

2018 World Cup final kits that is amzing site

2018 World Cup finals set: Croatia wearing a checkered jersey, France lived up to Les Bruce’s nickname and uniform combination
France will wear naval uniforms, while Croatia will wear red and white

The French team and the Croatian team will participate in the World Cup finals, because Les Bruce will win the World Cup for the second time in 20 years after their first title. At the same time, the Croatian team made its debut in the fifth game. The Croatian team’s best result in 1998 was the third in 1998, when he lost to the French team in the semifinals. This is why both teams are wearing this game:

UK Rugby League

Except for the naval kit in the last game, seeing anything in France is wrong. At the same time, Vatreni (Broad Trailer) is returning to their red and white checkered kits for the finals, away from their blacks against England in the semifinals. Although France will adopt a solid blue color, Croatia will use all-white shorts and socks to complement the red.

France’s Hugo Lloris will become a gold goalkeeper, while Croatia’s Danjiel Subasic will become a green jersey. The official will be turquoise.

Les Bleus and Vatreni kicked off at the World Cup final in Moscow at 11 am on Sunday as they both tried to announce the 2018 trophy

Deepika Divya Goordin is happy to see Justin Timberlake performing in London on Wednesday night.

But that was before the England team entered the semi-finals of the Russian Football World Cup.

Now she is trying to sell her £100 ($130) ticket, because it’s important to see if her national team can win the game and move towards sports glory.

“To be honest, I don’t know when the England team will once again enter the semi-finals of the World Cup,” Godin said.

As England and Croatia prepare to face in the semi-finals on Wednesday, both the theatre and concert audiences in the two countries are trying to get rid of the tickets so they can watch the football match. Some venues are canceling the show, while other venues are preparing for an empty seat.

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Before the start of the World Cup, the two countries that were obsessed with football fans did not enter the semi-finals. The English semi-final has been 28 years, and Croatia has been 20 years. So even for many casual audiences, this activity is a must.


The website for reselling tickets is packed with offers. Stubhub said that from July 7th to 9th, when the England team entered the semi-finals, their ticket sales increased by 15%. In Croatia, several theatres have completely cancelled their programs, while restaurants without televisions have been closed in advance.

Several selected shows seem to be safe for football fanaticism. King Lear starred in the opening night of Ian McLean at the Duke of York Theatre and did not expect empty seats.

Larger works, such as Timberlake’s concert at the O2 Arena, are trying to stop the fans from defecting by screening the game before the game begins.

But smaller works, especially comedy shows, are expected to have a tough time.

Sh (asterisk) t-Faced Shakespeare, a drunk Shakespeare play with a different actor every night, worried that a quiet audience might mean a bad show.

“The atmosphere is very important to us – we are basically comedians,” said producer Tedinoris, the producer, director and occasional drunken actor. “At the moment, we have sold about 160 tickets for Wednesday’s show. We rarely get less than 250 votes a week before the show.” Norris believes that many people who buy tickets may not appear.

Comedian Joe Jacobs will play at the Top Secret, the comedy club in Covent Garden, London. They show the game upstairs, but this is the usual weekday comedy night in the basement.

“It’s been 28 years since England entered the semi-final, so it’s hard to get people to the basement,” Jacobs said. “Even if I don’t want to be there.”

Jacobs said that regardless of whether England lost or lost, the fans who participated in his performance were difficult to deal with. “In England, we can’t have good things. If we win, we are like crazy people. If we lose, we will act like crazy people.”

Steve Bugeja also performed at Top Secret that night, and there were other questions. “I am sure that the England team will be played football during the show, but I hope they can catch it again.”

Although the Croats became the second party in the penalty shootout in the World Cup finals since Argentina in 1990. Pure drama.


Dennis Cherishev has been a leader in this event, scoring 4 goals.

Only the legendary Oleg Salenko scored more goals in a single match between Russia and the Soviet Union (6 goals in 1994).

Mario Fernandez’s goal in the 115th minute was the latest goal scored by the Russian team in the World Cup, but it was not enough to save them because they lost in the penalty shootout.

Desperate for the Russians, they must be one of the amazing plans so far.

The Croatian team continued to play England in the semi-finals of Moscow.

England’s young gun preparation

Although England scored 8 of the 10 goals in the 2018 World Cup by positioning the ball (80%), their young guns still lead the ship in terms of offense and defense.

Dele Alli became the second youngest player to score a goal in England, second only to Michael Owen and his famous goal against Argentina in 1998.

Sweden vs. Switzerland 2018 World Cup: Blerim Dzemaili, Albin Ekdal can’t


In the 38th minute, Swiss player Blerim Dzemaili issued a high-post shot on the crossbar, which is a good scoring opportunity for players looking around the world. A moment later, Sweden’s Albin Ekdal had a chance to get an amazing mistake, received a pass from Mikael Lustig and passed the ball over the goal.

The Swedish team played a series of events before the goal in Switzerland in the 28th minute. In this game, Yann Sommer was out of a close shot from Marcus Berg. Sweden is under a lot of pressure and Sommer is up to the challenge.

For Switzerland, Xherdan Shaqiri scored creativity, sprinted several times, but his passing time was out of date.

After the Swiss team took control of the ball from the start, the Swedish team expressed dissatisfaction with Swiss goalkeeper Yann Sommer when they shot, but so far they could not find the net. After the rain in St. Petersburg, the stadium was a little slippery and the players lost some ground in the early game.

In this round of 16 games, no one expects anything other than a rather unobtrusive defensive battle. Given that the World Cup has passed, this may mean that the first World Cup meeting between the two teams will be a very entertaining and high-scoring game. Given that both teams are on the open end of the bracket, each team clearly knows that a position in the final is not beyond the scope of the possibility.

Switzerland’s Breel Embolo explains his team’s learning curve: “Two years ago, we lost to Poland in the 2016 European Cup’s top 16. We learned this. We have been behind in Russia twice. The facts show that we are ready to welcome more.”

When Xherdan Shaqiri and Granit Xhaka were fined for celebrating their goal against Serbia by paying tribute to the Albanian flag and were not suspended, Switzerland escaped. Despite this, Swiss team captain Stephen Lichterstein (Arsenal) was fined after the Serbian team, and Fabian Shah missed the game because of the previous yellow card. Sweden’s Sebastian Larsson is suspended, which means that Gustave Svensson of the Seattle Sonic team may start in the midfield.

Swedish team manager Janne Andersson told reporters that “every player on the court is a defender” and they are “interrelated, not the opponent’s position. We will not chase the opponent.”

So don’t say that you are not told about future style challenges. Ludwig Augustinson told reporters: “We know what we have done before. If you really work hard, then nothing is impossible on the football field.”

Like Switzerland, Sweden has been working hard to achieve this goal. “This is what we have built over the past two years, and we are totally convinced of what we are doing,” Larsson said. “We have shown time and time again that we can make any opponent encounter difficulties. We work hard and feel very comfortable.”

Sweden has not entered the quarterfinals since 1994. Switzerland has not had a quarter-final since 1954. One of the droughts will end on Tuesday.

World Cup: Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are out, but the game won’t feel their absence.

Composite image of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi
Image: There are two superstars in this game, but the two retired early from Russia. (AP)
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They have begun to embody football in this modern era, almost exceeding their clubs and countries as their own global entities, but within six hours Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo started from the 2018 World Cup.

This is huge for both people. Since Messi and Ronaldo have reached the latter and their careers are at a later peak, their only common goal is to transcend each other and obtain the fabulous “greatest player ever” list in history.

But now, almost certainly, neither will win the World Cup. Ronaldo will be 37 years in four years, while Messi is 35 years old. He has had an early exit from Argentina and has made this again after the end of the game.

All Black Camouflage Blue 17-18 

Cristiano Ronaldo squats with both hands
Photo: Ronaldo has been frustrated and ineffective since the opening of the Spanish team. (AP: Francisco Seco)
In the World Cup knockout stage, they did not score goals in their careers. Messi played a semi-final in the final, but the main honor, the medal that should have ruled all the medals and completely ended the debate, did not disappoint both of them.

They will be crushed by that. But for us, the regular football fans of the two modern great men who just watched the game eliminated three games before the finals. This fun has just begun.

So far, this is a thrilling World Cup with daily drama and high quality storyline. Messi and Ronaldo have made their sporadic scores, but this is a World Cup that is completely independent of superstars – it’s better for it.

You can use these two games as examples. Although Messi became increasingly frustrated because Ngolo Cante blocked his every move, and his contribution was only for assists and not close to definition, Kylian Mbappe confirmed that his name would soon fill Balon d’ Or’s ticket is for decades or more.

Although Ronaldo ran in blind alleys and he was puzzled only by his own pace in Uruguay, Edinson Cavani and Luis Suarez combined their incredible working speed with understanding and excellent technical quality. well.

Lionel Messi looks so after Argentine and Iceland fight side by side
Photo credit: Messi missed the penalty for Iceland and the game against Croatia and France was very good. (AP: Ricardo Mazarin)
Maybe the halo has become too big. No team – of course, no international team has limited preparation time and chemistry – can handle the weight of these giants and hope to continue.

Because Ronaldo did not make the Portuguese team better in addition to his brilliant moments, Argentina also made every effort to find a system that made Messi happy and able to thrive and failed.

This will not be a game where the player puts his team behind and brings the player to the crown. Neymar is covered by Philippe Coutinho of Brazil. Harry Kane’s goal is not without the overall advantage of the English offensive movement. It is almost impossible to pick a key person for Spain or Belgium.

The best players in this World Cup – players like Luka Modric, Isco and Juan Quintero – integrate into their teams and make them better. Messi and Ronaldo did not do so in Russia.

Luka Modric hits Argentina with a ball
Photography: This World Cup has seen other people, such as Croatia’s Luca Modric, firmly as a challenger to Messi-Ronaldo’s advantage. (AP: Ricardo Mazarin)
So the program must continue regardless of its title behavior. Some people spurned a potential Ronaldo and Messi quarterfinal match between Portugal and Argentina. In fact, the French game against Uruguay is more tempting in almost every aspect.

These are not to eliminate the ability and career of these two Titan superstars. Their resume does not include the victory of the World Cup, but they will not harm their talents, and certainly will not end social media debates in the next few years.

Even in their swan, they gave us special things to remember them. Ronaldo’s free kick against Spain was unforgettable. Messi received two passes and completed it against Nigeria from another planet.

But this World Cup does not depend on the greatness of Ronaldo

This season is very hot and very early, but for those 8 to 13 year olds

, their favorite jerseys are not important. They practice through step-by-step and screaming famous English football cheers. “Oggie, Oggie, Oggie!Oi,Oi,hey!”

For the same reason, about 40 players played football training camps at the Seagate Elementary School football field.

Camp director Gavin Spooner said the camp people live and breathe football. Not only did they own these clothes, they also went to Spona’s iPad to check the score between Iran and Morocco. The two children may not even be on the map.

The 2018 World Cup began in Russia earlier this month. This is the first time since 1986 that the United States is not eligible to participate in this competition, but it is expected that this will not slow the development of youth football in southwestern Florida.

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Allen Bajraktarevic, 12 years old, practicing drilling during photo purchase
On June 15, 2018, Allen Bajraktarevic practiced during the tee-off summer camp at Seagate Park in Naples. (Photo: Moriah Ratner/Naples Daily News)

North Queensland Cowboys 2018/19 

When Charlie Todd took over as president of the Southwest Florida Football Association in 2009, there was a local football club in the area. If the players want to participate in the competition, they must go to Miami or Tampa, where most of the club teams are.

Nine years later, the Football Association grew to nine football clubs in southwest Florida, with 82 men’s and women’s teams and more than 1,000 players.

The increase in the number of club teams has led to an increase in the structure supporting youth football.

There are plenty of places to participate in the competition, and with the weather in Florida, kids can go outside to play football at any time of the year. Austin Bruno says he is the parent of Kick Off Soccer’s two children.

Nicholas Mazarella is 10 years old and watch live football buy photos
On Friday, June 15, 2018, Niklas Mazarella was 10 years old and watched a live football game on the iPad during the summer camp at the Heine Park in Cape Town. (Photo: Moriah Ratner/Naples Daily News)

Collier County has two football fields, including Eagle Lake, Golden Gate, and Shau Kei Wan. Since 2005, the number of this field has almost doubled, only 14 at the time.

More: List of football clubs in southwest Florida

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Todd’s goal as head of the football association is to use the interest of football to create local football clubs in order to compete with each other.

“I think we have seen growth (football) because parents are very convenient,” Todd said. “The children are playing much easier now.”

When parents and players have to go to Miami, this trip and competition may take most of the time. But now there are more quality teams near the Naples area.

This sport has never been easier to follow. All top international leagues and competitions are broadcast on television. If you spend only a few minutes searching the internet, you can find a trick or a goal to win in any game anywhere in the world.

The social media aspect of football is very popular, “said Chris Cashion, assistant coach of the Youth Football Club Florida Youth Football Club.

Campers need to rest during kick-off Soccer’s Buy Photo
On Friday June 15th, 2018, the campers held water activities at the Seagate Park in Naples, a football summer camp. (Source: Moriah Ratner / Naples Daily News)

The fire related to the Big League Football Club Chicago Fire is one of the largest youth football clubs in Southwest Florida. The club has 42 men’s and women’s teams, including more than 600 players, ranging in age from 5 to 18 years old.

According to Cashion, who graduated from Collon High School in Baron in 2004, the popularity of football in southwestern Florida has grown rapidly over the past two decades, mainly due to the 1999 Women’s World Cup and the 2002 US Men’s World Cup team.

Cashion said: “These World Cups are an eye-opener in American football.

The U.S. women’s team won the World Cup in 1999 and 2015. The 1999 championship was widely considered to be a football revolution between young girls. But all players can see the legacy of the winning team in 2015

Argentina Discovers World Cup Save Thriller in Nigeria

Then it happened on Tuesday night. Here, except for a few minutes, the Argentine team has an unstoppable forward, a suffocating midfielder and a lightning-fast quick attack, all of which are combined to defeat Nigeria by mistake for a score of 2-1.

At the 86th minute, when Marcos Rojo’s volleyball passed into the perfect center of Gabriel Mercado, it became possible that the Argentine team’s World Cup seemed to have been lost.

Discount NRL Jersey “Great comfort,” Messi said at the end. “We know this will be a difficult afternoon. We don’t think we will be affected as we have done before.”

Rojo’s goal was sent to the Argentinean world, deafening celebrations, a series of cheers and songs, and the story of St. Petersburg night. Sitting in a box in the middle of the audience, the legendary Diego Maradona jumped up to celebrate, then flipped a two-person bird onto the court, who knew what.

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“The cup is starting for us now,” Rojo said.

This victory along with Croatia’s defeat of Iceland, defeated Messi and Argentina through the knockout, where they will face France. When it was decided to score 10 minutes, Argentina’s bench players rushed into the court, but they returned to the finals, not just the top 16.

Ángel Di Maria cried. Javier Mascherano bleeds on his face most of the second half and he embraces his teammates. It seemed that for the first time in two weeks Messi’s face laughed cheerfully.

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“Our players have a good time,” said Jorge Sampaoli, an embattled Argentine coach. “They are true rebels.”

Nigerians kneel down on the grass. In the second half Turkish Cuneyt Cakir had a second chance to win the second penalty. It will provide an excellent opportunity for an objective that can almost guarantee progress. Instead, they ended up standing beside shocked and staring at Argentina.

“We do our best,” said Nigerian captain John Obi Mikel. “In the second half we pushed and pushed. We scored and we played well. It wouldn’t be.”

Messi saved the Argentine hero in the final match of last qualifying match and scored in the 14th minute. This goal seems to awaken Argentina from the coma in Russia. In the first two games, the Barcelona star has closed and even missed a penalty against Iceland. Into the Nigerian defense, he collected Barneya’s perfect ball from the midfield line, let him deviate from the thigh in front of the shot.

For some people, this is a moment of relief.

Nigerians showed such agility and athleticism when they defeated Iceland 2-0 last week. Just as Nigeria had Argentine quarrels, selfless and invalid versions appeared, this organization rebelled against their coaches and seemed to withdraw from Croatia. On the contrary, this is leading Argentina and Nigeria has nothing to do.

Only then did Argentina give them a chance. Three minutes later in the second half, Argentina’s veteran defender Mascherano took care of him every day of his 34 years and used Leon to solve Leon Balogun’s problems in the penalty area.

A minute later, Victor Moses easily pushed his penalty shot rate down to Franco Armani. The needed Nigeria is still alive. The unstable, unpredictable Argentine team came back, passed the ball and gave the referee a fine and a yellow card.

Then the game is about to be eliminated and Messi’s team is back, but Nigeria still has access to a hand that Rojo has committed.