Arsenal wonderful two-sided!


In the first half, the team couldn’t afford the second half.
Arsenal second half super God Arsenal second half super Gods

For the last two or three years, Arsenal have not known where they have learned the ability to bow to evil forces. Every time I meet Heeled’s man, immediately back down three points, dare not head to its edge.

Do not know if the end of the artist generally this fate, although there is still two points of pride in the heart, but the outside has become a distorted desire to survive.

That’s why, as a firm warm honey, every time someone is hacked to this point, I feel like I can’t refute it.

Because that is the truth and the central reason for Wenger’s steep decline in his final two seasons.

No Cassola can not control the field, walked Coquelin no one dares to rob. The rest of the people go to work just to punch, not even the KPI. Every day is a person from head to toe dripping wax.

In addition to bone, I have to be happy.

In fact, I do not know anything, are all making up. Emmeri took office for a small half year, has been really fragrant countless back.

At present, my identity is the group owner of the true fragrance group.

Indeed did not expect, opened a few years carrier, Emmeri still remember how to paddle boat. What he brought to Arsenal was precisely the spiritual guide the team lacked to sail in the storm. To put it bluntly, this is a compulsory course to survive in the Premier League.

Million did not expect an foreign teacher to eat the teaching plan through, understand. One months ago, when the team drew Liverpool, the fans felt it was really different.

Liverpool’s madness everyone knows that even if it’s as strong as Manchester City, it doesn’t have to hold. The only way is to storm and see who is crazier. Wei Xiaobao and Feng Xifan in the eastern suburbs of the Imperial Mausoleum underground dragon vein treasure fight.

It is by stimulating all potential that there is any reason and logic to be made. The Arsenal scene passed and the fans were content inside. But it’s not until the north London derby that it counts as a real test.

If this is passed, the transformation of Edgar will be a real success.

As it turns out, the true fragrance of 500 people has been full, and then want to enter the group has no chance! Arsenal have activated the nitrogen acceleration model since the first minute of the game.

Centre-forward collective front pressure, blocking the first line of defense in Tottenham’s big box line, the backline pressed into midfield, the first time to cut off all the opponent’s line of the ball.

Then, Viltongen out to solve the last problem, hand in a penalty. But as the headline says, Arsenal were unlikely to lead in the first half and could not have led in their lifetime.

The advantage is also forced to lag behind, or how to say dramatic insufficiency is not a successful work. Sun Xingji, of course, was really strong, and the free-kick and penalty for the goal came from him.

False fall will not say, no meaning, persistent entanglement is not like a big scale, not right, not like a magnanimous person.

Of course, this is to win the ball before dare to say. If you only look at the first half, it’s a big one.

But in the second half of the Emmeri “bright”, open big mouth is four tusks, eating people’s genie came.

Lacazette + Ramsey provided a 1-ball 2-assist package, Obameyan ate the full moon bend cake, Torreira showed a muscle born from the Uruguayan prairie.

Tottenham Hotspur, pawn. In fact, the last time I won Tottenham was not long, November 18, 2017, almost a year ago.

At the time Arsenal 2-0 sounded sharp, but in fact it was shivering.

That one, Arsenal and Tottenham shot more than 14-14, possession 42.1%-57.9%, passing success rate 70%-79%.

And today’s game, the two sides shot more than 22-11, possession 59.4%-40.6%, pass success rate of 85%-72%.

Obviously, today the Gunners fans can finally shout out that sentence!

Several focus players, Obameyan this season 10 shots into the 10-ball shootout first, a new generation of regent is not running away.

Half-legged Lacazette substitute goal forced heat, but also helped Vail Heng brush a red card. Ramsey Small Brush 2 assists, season 6 assists to the top of the Premier League to feed the pie king. Torreira succeeded in breaking the place … Son Ball, Tottenham feel a little sore.

Guardiola is to blame for the fall of German football results?

Possession of the ball! Possession of the ball! Possession of the ball! Possession of the ball! Possession of the ball!
Possession of the ball! Since winning the 2014 World Cup, the German team has gone downhill, and their results have fallen again and again, to an unbelievable point. They lost to France in the semi-finals in the 2016 European Championships, and their surprising loss to the South Korean team at the bottom of the group in the 2018 World Cup.

And in the latest Europa tournament, they were relegated to the bottom of the F group again. For Germany, which has had stable results in the past, such a landslide is rare, and what is the reason behind it?

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In the eyes of German celebrity Brigall, the culprit was Guardiola and his possession tactics.
German results landslide German team results landslide Guardiola, who has coached Bayern Munich since 2013, instilled in the team the style and idea of passing possession in three years, despite his good results at Bayern, including the Bundesliga treble, the European Super Bowl and the World Cup, Brigall believes Guardiola’s philosophy of football,

The tradition that has allowed German football to persist has been shaken or even distorted, and the team is now too addicted to possession. “For us Germans, there is a very simple principle that on the football field, the result is much more important than the control ball,” he said.

“Brigall said in an interview with the Repubblica.
Leaf at a loss leafs at a loss “Since Guardiola came to Bayern Munich, something has changed. We now have the illusion that in order to win the game, you have to take a 75% possession first. But possession is not enough to get a good result, at least not always.

” “Recent history, including the World Cup winner France, has shown the fact that you let your opponent control the ball, less than 50% of the possession, and you can win the game,” he said.

” Brigall, 63, was a leading federal defender in the era of players, won the European Championships (1980) and World Cup runner-up (1986) in the national team, and has won honors such as Serie A titles (Verona) at the club.

Revealed Juve fans abuse Muirhead content: xx raised three-crown Wang Se Butt


Mourinho was scolded and made a counterattack, and Mourinho was scolded and fought back.
Champions League Manchester United away 2:1 kill Juve Manchester United went 2-1 to reverse Juventus and Jose Mourinho came in after the game to make gestures to hit back at Juve fans ‘ abuse has made headlines in various media outlets.

Italy’s football market network has specifically revealed the abuse of Jose Mourinho by Juve fans.

Mourinho hits back at Juventus fan Mourinho hits back at Juventus fans According to football market network, there are two main words of Juve’s home fans singing and abusing Mourinho, namely ‘ figlio di Puttana ‘ and ‘ il triplete mettilo nel culo ‘, translated as ‘ son of a dog ‘ and ‘ shove the Triple Crown into your butt ‘.

One point points to Jose Mourinho, one pointing to Murignozen’s experience of leading Inter to the Triple Crown.

Mourinho and Juve player theory Mourinho and Juve player theory

Insulted by such sharp taunts from Juve’s home fans that Mourinho’s move to make a gesture to hit back after his victory is probably not hard to understand. Mourinho explained this after the game, saying: “I was attacked by [Juve fans] for 90 minutes, I came here to do my job, nothing else.” I didn’t attack anyone at the end, I just made a gesture, I wanted to hear them scream a little louder, I probably shouldn’t have done that, and I wouldn’t have done that if my head had been calmer. But when my family was insulted, including my inter-family people, I would hit back like that.

” (Reilly)

Borgba: Crow goal is like drinking water it’s good to have him joining Juve

Borgba praised Crow Borgba for praising Ronaldo Ronaldo moved to Juve from Real Madrid this summer.

Juventus will host Manchester United in the Champions League, and Red Devils midfielder Borgba has spoken in an interview about the Portuguese transfer and other related topics. After joining Juve, Ronaldo has now represented the team in 13 games, scoring 7 goals and giving 6 assists. “I think it’s a great thing for Juve to sign the Crows,” the French international said. Obviously it’s always fantastic to have a player like Ronaldo on your team.

” “It would be great to play alongside good players like Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar,” he wrote. Now, Ronaldo and Juve are working together. I think he’s very happy to be at Juve and it’s a great thing for the Bianconeri to have a simple player who goals like drinking water.

Juve will host Manchester United at 4:00 Beijing time tomorrow. (from Live bar)

Serie A-captain in a row kill!


Iguazu Refunds AC Milan 3 straight for injury
Romagnoli stripping to celebrate kill Romagnoli stripping celebration Kill Beijing Time November 5 3:30 (Italy local time 4th 20:30), Serie A 11th round began 1 contests, AC Milan 1:0 kill Udinese, won Serie A 3 straight, the end of April 15 home 0:0 draw Naples after 16 consecutive Serie A history of losing the ball. Iguain first half injury receded.

In the stoppage phase, Udinese substitute Naitink was sent off, AC Milan Captain Romagnoli 2 rounds in a row to stage the kill. After a winning streak of Genoa duo, AC Milan took on nearly 5 rounds of Udinese with just 1 points. AC Milan are the only team in Serie A that has never had 0 opponents this season. The Iguain and Couterone double forwards continued to be used on the offensive line, but the back resumed 4 defenders. Abbott and Zapata went out in lieu of Oulu and Musacchio


Biglia will be recovering for two months, with Bakayoko starting in a row. In the opening 8 minutes, La Saulte left pass was leaked by Couterone, and Iguazu was pushed out of the left post with his left foot at 12 metres in front of the door.

Casey later spread, Southall the right side of the box to take the ball within 13 meters of the left foot oblique deflected from the far column. Udinese’s first 17-minute shooting in the penalty area, Samir diagonally on the left, Lassagna the front point from the door 12 meters away from the left foot half-empty hook out of the near post.

Then Lassagna left to fight back low, Avest after the point from the door 10 meters low shot out of the left post. Iguain is being treated for suspected back injuries. Southall right-hand penalty free kick direct small angle shot by Mukalla out of the crossbar. The Zapata Shovel was injured when it was undone, but remained on the field, and Iguazu was no longer able to hold on, Castillejo as a substitute.

La Saulte Straight to the gap, couterone the left side of the box from the door 14 meters left foot putt by Mukalla sealed out of the far post. First half AC Milan has only 2 shots positive. Second half, Fofana straight, DePaul in front of the door 24 meters curveball was Donnaluma confiscated.

Casey split the ball, Castillejo left 20 meters away from the door left foot shot by Musso fly to hold out the right post. AC Milan missed the opportunity in the 59th minute, Castillejo left counterattack burst into the left side of the box back, unmarked Southall in front of the door 13 meters left foot to fly!

Bakayoko Pass, Southall Box arc top left foot low shot by Mukalla confiscated. Borini replaced La Saulte, immediately his forward snap to create opportunity, Couterone burst into the right side of the box back, Castillejo in front of 13 meters left foot low shot by Mukalla seal out. Lassagna the left side of the penalty area 10 meters away from the left foot small angle low shot, Donnaluma sealed out near the post.

Larson passed on the right and Lassagna headed higher 9 metres in front of the door.
Romagnoli kill moment Romagnoli Kill moment In the 5 minute, Naitink tripped Castillejo behind his back and was sent off with a direct red card! In the first 7 minutes, Romagnoli Circle Shovel, Southall Middle counterattack sub-ball, couterone the left side of the exclusion zone knock, Southall and Romagnoli between the continuous foot, Romagnoli left from the door 12 meters left foot low injection near corner, Romagnoli stripping celebration, was yellow card warning. Assistant referee raised the flag to signal offside, the referee and Var exchange after the goal is valid! AC Milan Kill opponents!

British media: Courtney offered to give up coaching Real Madrid and Chelsea didn’t stop him.

Courtney and Real Madrid have not negotiated with Real Madrid. After the Loppets class, Courtney once became the Real Madrid manager’s big hit. But now both sides are drifting away.

Reports from Sky Sports said it was Courtney who offered to give up the chance to coach Real Madrid, and he thought the Real Madrid plan was not for himself.

Courtney left Chelsea’s handsome position this summer after rumors that Chelsea had a problem with the new job at Courtney, and that he needed to talk to Chelsea first. But the Sky Sports report says the terms of the contract are limited to clubs in England this season. In other words, Chelsea just forbid Courtney to take over England’s club this season.

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And there are no restrictions on coaching foreign clubs. So Chelsea did not set a hurdle for Courtney to teach Real Madrid. In the end, Courtney and Real Madrid didn’t agree, and Courtney thought Real Madrid’s plan was not for him. According to the Spanish media, the Real Madrid locker room is also very exclusive to Courtney’s coaching. In the end, Real Madrid chose to let Solari fire first. Courtney is expected to rest until next summer and decide on the next leg of his coaching career.

Sleepwalking + Lose Score


Manchester City’s biggest enemy is his own muggle-looking foot stamp.
There’s a lot of problems with the win, but City’s got lots of questions, but Manchester City has a lot of problems. Manchester City returned to the top of the Premiership after 1-0 victory over Tottenham. The results are worth celebrating, but from the scene, Manchester City’s performance is not satisfactory. The Blue Moon Corps is a very weak place away from home, with a “sleeping lion” to describe Manchester City as a perfect fit. So a lot of people marvel: “Is this the Invincible city of Manchester City last season?”


” The script, as usual, was in the right direction for Manchester City, with only 5 minutes to play, and Sterling’s magic in the Tottenham box, and assists Mahres to break the deadlock. When Manchester City fans began to look forward to a big win, city performance was unusually depressed, and Tottenham joined the game to play a healthy football. Sterling’s breakthrough is no longer sharp, Mahres has not been able to integrate into the city’s tactical system, Aguero once again become the fans of the “soft foot shrimp”, David Silva and Bernardo-Silva’s status as the team’s sluggish performance became mediocre, Mende and Walker two former wings and even many times and Spurs players into melee and anger

Kane missed the opportunity, Kane missed the opportunity. In addition to the full-on-the-ground performance, Manchester City in the back of the game to play with fire, almost “self-immolation.”

The first 77 minutes, Debraune in the left side of their own restricted area of the ball, lame pull off the ball in the box after the flash maneuvers, completed the shot, fortunately, this shot out of the frame range, otherwise Debraune is likely to become city’s sin minister.
Debraune is still adjusting the state, Debraune is still adjusting. However, Manchester City did not raise vigilance because of Debraune’s mistakes. 2 minutes later, the horse Jerez in the back of the field at the edge of the ball was a multi-person bag clip, he did not choose to return the goalkeeper, and did not take the most simple rough Big foot rescue, but inexplicably toward the direction of his own goal with the ball, the final ball was Ali broken down, and completed a sharp counterattack, only a pity Lamera face

Put the ball on the stand. Manchester City, which is a tactical soul, is “only” 52%, which is quite alien to Guardiola’s team. Although Manchester City has completed 14 shots, but 8 of them are almost all the outside of the area of the wave, 6 times the target of the shooting part of the soft cotton weakness, failed to test the French country in Los. Manchester City’s past success rates were around 90%, compared with just 86%. In the post-match ratings of the WhoScored website, the Sterling 7.4 points for the assists, 7.4 points for the winning ball, and the two players scoring in the winning team are not very high, which is rare.

It’s worth mentioning that Manchester City’s midfielder Fernandinho the highest 7.8 points in the game. In fact, Manchester City is not without the opportunity to expand the lead, but when the opportunity comes, Manchester City’s performance is confusing. The first 54 minutes, Bernardo-Silva, the right side of the forbidden area to knock, this is a perfect opportunity to break the point of David Silva can directly tui half a Stargate score, after the point of Sterling can also finish the shot, but David Silva did not adjust the pace, the ball unloaded at their feet …

On the edge of the brow of the wrinkled Pep Guardiola finally sank out of breath, he saw quickly up, he spread out his hands expressed puzzled, then angrily he had to use his feet to hide a few turf. The game is also a microcosm of Manchester City’s performance this season. Guardiola’s team is less obvious than it was on the pitch today, and although the possession is still a big advantage, it has fallen a lot in terms of creating absolute opportunities, and occasionally plunging into a no-scoring scene, as evidenced by the 1-2 defeat of the Champions League home in Lyon.

Manchester City scored 106 goals in the last season, and the fire output has dropped a lot this season, which has been a stumbling block in Manchester City’s defending premiership. One of the biggest enemies is himself, and Manchester City is now the biggest soul-fiend. Because Manchester City was so great last season and was surrounded by the sound of praise that followed the creation of miracles, they seemed to have difficulty creating new legends. And maybe that’s why they’ve seen some slack this season. But objectively speaking, the most powerful team in the Premier League is still Manchester City, and if Guardiola’s team can beat itself and restore the confidence of the former Invincible Gongwubuke, the dream of defending the Premiership will be closer to reality.

Macy’s side hanging fracture arm Duzhan Barca after scoring effigy

Macy’s side hanging fracture arm Duzhan Barca after scoring effigy
Lionel Messi watches Barcelona in the stands, Messi watches Barcelona in the stands.

In this round of Champions League focus, Messi missed inter for the injury, and he also watched the Barcelona game, after the team scored, Messi excited effigy. During the last weekend’s top-of-the-line clash with Sevilla, Messi opened 1 1 shots to help Barca get a perfect start, falling in a collision with the other, and then unable to insist on being replaced. After the game, Barcelona announced that Messi’s right arm radius fracture, is expected to be out of 3 weeks.

It also allowed him to compete with Inter and Real Madrid for the two-game heavyweight. However, Messi will come to the scene to watch the Barcelona game.2017 Hurricanes Rugby Special Edition Jersey(Customizable) Jersey Rugby Club

At the Camp Nou today, Messi sits in the first row of the grandstand with his son, Diego, and Luis Suarez’s child Benjamin, Duzhan the Barcelona-Inter focus. Although the injured right arm was also hung with bandages, it did not affect his cheering for Barcelona. Messi was also very excited after the Barcelona goal. He stood up and raised his left arm to cheer for the team, and his son, Diego, obviously knew football and effigy with his father. At this point, plum stretched his neck to see what was happening on the pitch, just like a regular fan.

Champions League-Neymar hats Mbapekawani Paris 6-1 Victory

Neymar a hat-trick, Neymar a hat-trick. Beijing Time October 4 0:55 (France local time 18:55), the 2018/19 Champions League Group C in the second round of competition, PSG home against Belgrade Red Star.

Neymar two free kicks and a hat-trick, Mbappe, Di Maria and Cavani each scored a goal, Paris home 6-1 win the Red Star, won the Champions League in the first victory this season. There has been no history of confrontation between the two sides, Paris this season in the French armor achievements, the first 8 rounds to maintain a victory, but in the first round of the Champions League group, they lost 2-3 away from Liverpool.

Compared to last weekend’s league, Paris back to four defender, rested Cavani also back to the start, behind him is Neymar, Di Maria and Mbappe, Areola guard the goal. The first 4 minutes, Neymar off the left side of the main penalty free kick, the ball into the restricted area Cavani some cards shot biased. The first 9 minutes, Neymar in the box like a shot hanging to the goal, goalkeeper Borijan attack will hit the ball, Mbappe to offset the bottom line.

The first 15 minutes, Neymar breakthrough to the arc at the top of the oblique zone, Mbappe small angle bang was borijan flutter out. The first 20 minutes, Paris first broke, Neymar off the left side of the penalty free kick, he directly a curve ball shot will be scored on the left side of the goal, Paris 1-0 leading star!

Just 2 minutes later, Paris, the next city, Red Star hand throw error, Neymar off the off-the-Mbappe, Mbappe break after inverted triangle back, Neymar small restricted area before the shooting, Paris 2-0 leading star!
Neymar into two balls, Neymar two balls. The first 27 minutes, Bernath crosses, Cavani header Gongmen was Borijan flew out. The first 37 minutes, Paris continued to expand the score, Red Star in the area of passing errors, Cavani broken ball after the defensive kicker bang, the ball playing in the defensive players on the line after the flight into the goal, Paris 3-0 leading star!

In the first 39 minutes, Neymar, Mbappe won a single shot, but he hit the ball high with the goalkeeper.
Cavani enlarged score Cavani enlarged score The first 41 minutes, Paris continued to score, Menier right outside the instep to pick a restricted area, Di Maria left foot outside the instep light a mat, Paris 4-0 leading star! The first 45 minutes, Di Maria left cross, Neymar some cards shot was borijan out, and then Neymar the bottom of the line to wear crotch, small angle shot was Borijan flutter out.

The first half game is over and Paris has 4-0 leading rivals.
Di Maria sign celebrates Di Maria signature celebration Second half both sides easy to fight again, the first 48 minutes, Bernath left oblique, Mbappe plug on the defensive right foot Tui was Borijan jump out of the bottom line. In the first 50 minutes, Neymar missed a hat-trick opportunity, Mbappe left-handed, Neymar in the restricted area close to Tui was Borijan hold. The first 51 minutes, Mbappe left to the left after the ball to the restricted area, Neymar shot again by Borijan dissolve.

The first 55 minutes, Neymar heel forward a tease, Mbappe single-shot and was borijan magical flutter out, but slow footage shows Mbappe shot is already in offside position. The first 64 minutes, the right foot in the Marin restricted area shot was areola flapping. 1 minutes, Rodich arc at the top of the left foot long-distance again by Areola hold.

The first 70 minutes, Paris is still expanding the advantages, Neymar to the left of the Di Maria, Di Maria shot was flapping out, followed by Neymar pick a restricted area, Bernath small restricted area light a cushion, the middle of Cavani tackle ball will hit the ball, Mbappe some cards, Paris 5-0 leading star!
Mbappe broke Mbappe. The first 72 minutes, the Red Star defensive mistakes, Mbappe the opportunity to play high. The first 73 minutes, the Red Star scored a goal, Ebesirio oblique transmission, Marin into the restricted area after the small angle shot, broke the areola goal, the Red Star 1-5 behind Paris! The first 75 minutes, Di Maria after the ball points into the restricted area right foot shot.

Paris made the first substitution, crail appearance to replace the Diego-Silva, and then Shu-bo Morting replaced Mbappe.
Former Chelsea player Marlin broke in front of Chelsea player Marlin break The first 80 minutes, Paris is still scoring goals, Neymar the penalty area before the foul, Paris to get a free kick, Neymar personally punished, arc ball gongmen around the wall into the right side of the goal, Borijan almost no response, Paris 6-1 leading star! Paris with Drachsler replaced Neymar light substitution quota, Neymar next to accept the audience cheering. The first 83 minutes, Crail crosses, Shu Bo morting shot was Borijan, Cavani Tui Stargate succeeded, but referee whistled offside goal invalid. The first 85 minutes, Bernath left the ball after the point, Cavani volley was borijan flutter out, edge cut out offside earlier.

Finally, Paris 6-1 won a home victory and won the first three points of the Champions League this season.

Jose Mourinho’s locker room he took Real Madrid against Barcelona.

Jose Mourinho was once a master of motivational players. Jose Mourinho has long been recognized as a good coach for players to beat chicken blood, although this one looks less spiritual, but it was the House of Jose Mourinho.

The former Real Madrid goalkeeper Dudek in an interview with the “like newspaper” revealed the Real Madrid 0-5 after the tragic Barcelona, Jose Mourinho in the locker room to inspire the team’s speech. Dudek said: “The locker room after the game was a total mess.” Someone was crying, someone was arguing, someone looked down at the floor.

All Black Training Suit 18/19 Mens Jersey Black(Customizable)“Then Jose Mourinho came in and he knew how bad the situation was, but he looked at us and said, ‘ I know it hurts you, and maybe for most of you, it’s the worst loss of your entire career. They (Barca) are happy now and look like they’ve won the crown, but they just win a game. There is still a long way to win. I’ll give you a holiday tomorrow, but don’t stay at home. Go to town with your family, children or friends to see if you can overcome this dilemma. Maybe people will talk about the meaning of the defeat, but don’t hide, you have to prove that you have the seed. After this defeat, we must fight for the championship.

’” Dudek continued: “After the loss of such a disaster, we quickly pulled ourselves together faster than anyone could have expected.” For the first time, I understood how important psychology is in sports. How much you can get or lose from it, Mourinho is a great psychological expert.

” In the season of Real Madrid, Jose Mourinho’s team fought at the end of the three fronts with the look dead, the invincible pinnacle of Barcelona, and brought revenge in the final of the King’s Cup, and Mourinho gave the Real Madrid a big change. But now that the times have changed, Jose Mourinho’s old-fashioned motivation seems less effective in the new generation, and the plight of Manchester United may be reminding Mourinho of the way to change his management.