NRL Tips: Round 12 – What Are Experts Saying

Steve Turner and other experts have already expressed their opinions on their expected results in the 12th round of telecommunications in Australia. This is what they have to say.

Parramatta has been very disappointing this year. I am trying to find an opportunity to fight against the Broncos. They lost their confidence and their football was not outstanding. They now lost Boscott this season because of injuries. At the same time, Brisbane performed very well last weekend. They have one of the most impressive backcourts in the game, and with the outstanding performance of players such as James Roberts and Anthony Milford, they are great for squid.


Over the past two weeks, Manley has won a huge victory against the Broncos and Storms. A large part of their victory is the performance of the excellent Trbojevic brothers. The Raiders enter the fixture from behind two losses. Their inability to win close matches is still a major issue. The responsibility for repairs falls on their shoulders. This is an important match for both sides, but Manly will not have Dylan Walker and Api Koroisau (because of the suspension), which is crucial for the audience, and they will prefer home games in Canberra on a cold Friday evening. .

The Cowboys were very unlucky last weekend, not because of lack of effort. I like Michael Morgan at the back, but for Origin, this is a desperate time of the year. With only three victories, Paul Green and his players need to start winning. They let the team and players climb up the ladder and have an impact. The storm was very bad last weekend. Their discipline did not disappoint them. It may be one of the worse parts of the second half that I saw from the club. Cameron Smith will be back. I know they are a very high standard club. They will bounce back soon.

In the last weekend’s game, mistakes and missed grabs actually hurt the cock and won in that match. Latrell Mitchell is their blow weapon. The more they let him in, the better they will be. At the same time, the Titans ended the five-game losing streak with the Cavaliers’ victory. Ash Taylor and many of their rookies are excellent, but it has always been a problem for the Garth Brennan team. They need to make these shows every week, and they won’t be bigger than the cocks this week. The Titans won only one away game this year. I can’t see them doubling on Saturday afternoon.

There was no impressive performance from Shaun Johnson and Roger Tuivasa-Sheck’s Warriors last week. Issac Luke is the star of the brave victory, but they need to enter Rabbitohs at another level this weekend. The South Sydney team has won four of their last five games and hopes that Alex Johnston and Sam Burgess will return to New Zealand in time. Both were injured in the Cowboys’ game, but the rabbits who played on Anthony Seibel had positive signs. Adam Reynolds, Damien Cook and Cody Walker are very good this year. If the Rabbits are to register for the eighth victory of the season, they will participate in the three players on Saturday night.

This round of the game. Penrith is a true champion contender, and the Dragons won back the winner’s circle on Sunday against the Raiders. Nathan Cleary has added so many courses to Panthers. Their vanguard packs are impressive and Tyrone Peachy has increased the X factor. At the same time, the dragon’s forward bag is an important reason why they are sitting at the top of the ladder. In an elegant half and a brilliant number one throw, it is difficult to split these two aspects. The best defensive team will make headlines on the eve of the original ecological selection.

Newcastle was unlucky last weekend and is now looking for a new number seven. The Brocker Lamb has received a facial injury. They do have Kalyn Ponga, who has been talking about this town and will be impressed with every step in this area. Knights like to play at home, but their opposition will be very difficult. Sharks are flying under radar. They won the real title contender for 2018 for five consecutive times. Andrew Fifita has always been very good and Shane Flanagan’s height is also tough. They will win six consecutive times this weekend.

The Tigers found it difficult to face the Panthers over the weekend and there were signs of inconsistency.

How the Warriors changed their NRL history

This week Sean Johnson competed with Anthony Gelling for chocolate.

The Warriors continued to expand their unexpected heights.

Almost in the middle of the NRL season, the Oakland Club sits in the third position on the ladder, two points below the top.

They played tough games in June and July, and traveled to Townsville, Penrith, Brisbane, Shark and Storm to Auckland.

In Christchurch there is also a game against the rejuvenation of the Manley team. They are the traditional Bogey team of the Warriors.

But they have now laid a solid foundation for the rest of 2018, which is a crucial difference from the past few years.

Usually during this time, the calculator will find in the Mt Smart headquarters that they need to perform the playoffs incredible operation.

It often involves a daunting number of wins, leaving little room for error.

The temptation to use less than 100% of players will increase, and any decline in luck will have a serious impact.

This is not the case this year.

In the case of 16 points before June, the logic shows that the Warriors will win 6 more in the remaining 13 games and enter the top 8.

Football: Revive Spain ready to once again inspire the world


MADRID (Reuters) – With the effective combination of hungry teens and veteran veterans WHO havealready win in international competitions, Spain boasts all the components of the double creation of themelves such as the best team in Russia and recover them in 2010. The year won the laurel wreath.

Soccer – World Cup – Spanish coach Hulen Lopetoguiu press conference – Telefonica, headquarters in Madrid, Spain – May 21, 2018 Spanish coach Hulen Lope Taigui Press Conference Reuters/Susanavi Pull period

The Spanish team looked like an unbeatable four-year match with three consecutive games to win coveted football, but since winning the 2012 European Championships they have ended in their last two games with head coach Bosque.

His successor Huron Lopetianu, the stalwart of the national team’s youth plan, helped redouble their belief in the dismay and restoration of their Atak king, and they could once again conquer the world.

Spain tore their way through their World Cup qualifiers team, winning 10 out of 10 games and scoring 36 times, far better than the nearest challenger Italy 3-0.

In their final friendly match, they defeated the 2014 World Cup finalist Argentina with an astonishing 6-1 victory.

The downside is that it is difficult to find in Spain’s lineup. The wood is crowded with players from La Liga, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, and in the Premier League performances such as Manchester United goalkeeper Degea and Manchester City midfielder David. Silva.

Silva midfield puppet master Iniesta and captain Sergio Ramos in the team havebeen since the 2008 UEFA European Cup victory while Barcelona paired Busquets and Pique because of the win at the South Africa 2010 World Cup havebeen .

Then the next generation of players are like Atletico’s George Giggy, Real Madrid’s Isco and Daniel Carvajal, Valencia striker Rodrigo and Bayern Munich midfielder Tiago Alcantara and De Heh. The WHO and Lopetegui won the European Football Championships under 21 years of age as coaches in 2013.

“A lot of players are already in the national team because of the children in the room. This is important because I have been extremely young since they were 2 and went to international competitions. The opponents are the best from all countries,” Lopetegui said.

“The best team will always be the best combination of different generations; we have this and we will do our best to ensure that it is a good combination.”

Spain achieved a difficult draw. The European Championship Portugal ranked first in Group B – this game may determine who will be ranked first. They also face Iran and Morocco.

If Lopetegui’s side-outs qualify, they are faced with thunderstorms in Uruguay or Egypt in the past 16, with a possible coveted quarter-final against Argentina, Croatia and France next year.

People Immortal: NRL cult hero Scott Minto gets a bronze statue at Suncorp Stadium

ASK Rugby League fans who should be ninth immortal, you will be bombarded by the usual suspects.

Darren Lockyer, Norm Provan, Mal Meninga, Dally Messenger. The list continues.

Well, one person hit them all in a punch – a bit.

Before August’s announcement in August, sports betting company Sportsbet had joined NRL’s cult hero Scott Minto’s ‘immortal people’.

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Scott Minto and his bronze statue at Suncorp Stadium. Photo: Sportsbet
Minto, a winger who played 35 games for Brisbane and North Queensland, set up a bronze statue at Suncorp Stadium on Thursday.

After NRL CEO Todd Greenberg revealed that there will be as many as two of the most unique clubs in the rugby league, it is followed by social media supporting Minto.

“For me and my family, this is a very proud moment… to see all these online memes, I think I am half-smelling, so to gain immortality is the top cherry,” Ming Asked.

Incredibly, Minto received his statue, and even before the Mustang legend Alan Lange, he had fans who called for his immortality in the stadium’s bronze medal.

Our experts provide tips for 11 round 11 selection teams

David Ricci and Matt Logger have already made a series of mistakes in the field, bringing with them a lot of chasing packages to return to the world in the 10th round.

Phil Rothfield has one exception besides Michael Carayannis and Nick Campton, who was recently in third place in the surge .

Throughout the season, please pay attention to Phil Rothfield, Dean Ritchie, Michael Carayannis, Matty Logue, Paul Crawley, Fatima Kdouh, Nick Campton, David Riccio, Nick Walshaw, James Phelps, and Paul Kent for advice and tips.

Did their performance in the eighth round match or did they deviate from the standard?

Round 11: Black Panther v Tiger, Squid v Warriors, Mustang v Cock, Titan vs Cavalier, Cowboy v Rabbitohs, Storm v Seahawks, Dragon v Raiders, Shark v Bulldogs.

Live NRL Saturday

On the Gold Coast, Canberra and Parramatta are both eager to win a victory and their finals hope to remain active on Saturday’s NRL. Kronula can also get a victory back to the top half of the ladder, while the Warriors and Tigers are in the top four.

On Saturday night, the Warriors and the Tigers lost in an eight-strong battle. The teams that were  widely publicized in the bottom four positions suddenly faced the top four when faced at the Mt Smart Stadium.

In the early games, the Gold Coast Raiders in Canberra. In the final match, the carp hopes to show their victory over Manley, and when they face Cronalla’s sharks, the Tigers have not been lucky.

4.11 pm

The Titans draw blood and the Raiders slam

The Titans are about to kill after recovering in the first half, because the surprise team leads 20 to 0.

After half a disappointment, visitors faltered. Five minutes after the bell, Ryan James tried. Michael Gordon easily converted this attempt and raised the margin to 14 points in the 46th minute.

Kevin Proctor cleaned up a loose striker from Ashley Taylor and rushed it online. Three minutes later the Titans walked again.

The assaulter’s 12-point slump in five minutes was tried on by swapping heavyweight Shannon Boyd.

Boyd, a clunky prop, soon surprised the audience, drastically destroyed the line and tried the Raiders almost halfway through the second half.

NGO condemns Argentine football paedophile ring

Nino Pagliccia wrote that, of course, the real crime is the United States’ economic sanctions against Venezuela.
Is Venezuela entitled to raise the minimum wage?
By Nino Pagliccia

Israel’s violation of international law and the return of tear gas from drones in the Gaza Strip in March are regrettable.
Do not feel discouraged: this is a problem
By Julie Webb-Pullman

On March 22, 2018, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas walked out after a press conference with Bulgarian President Radoff in Ramallah on the West Bank.
The last ‘Peace Process’ Warrior: Abbas hung a puppy…
By Ramzy Baroud

The protests plagued the shooting rallies of Marielle Franco, a councillor and activist in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
After the murder of Franco, the military coup will soon be in Blas.
Eduardo Montesanti

Argentine teacher condemns forced retirement

Non-profit organizations assisting victims of rape (Avivi) asked Buenos Aires officials to investigate the potential pedophilia of Club Atlético River Plate between 2004 and 2011.

The case began to show on March 21 , when a former member of a small league of an independent football team revealed to a psychiatrist that he and 19 other people were part of a paedophilia ring. He and five other people have been detained since then.

It is currently known that young football players, most of whom are from other parts of Argentina, play and live in Buenos Aires club-sponsored dormitories and are taken to a private sector in Buenos Aires. Apartment, approximately US$50.

According to local media reports, one person “captured” young people, a middleman and another person, and they moved young people from their dorms to their apartments.

It has been reported that the case may only be the beginning of a series of investigations into the youth football clubs surrounding Argentina. There have also been recent accusations that Temperley, another club, may have sexual abuse of underage players.

Independiente President Hugo Moyano, president of the influential Truck Drivers Alliance, was investigated for money laundering club funds.

Argentine football has a long history and is involved in politics and powerful commercial transactions.

Die Rugby-Legende Ian Roberts erkennt nach dem Test eine bleibende Hirnverletzung

Die Rugby-Legende Ian Roberts erkennt nach dem Test eine bleibende Hirnverletzung

IAN Robert war bereits ein Pionier in der Rugby-Liga und dem ersten Profi, der als homosexuell war – aber es war zwar eine beängstigende Reise, die Nachricht, dass er irreversible Hirnschäden als Folge seiner Laufbahn hat, die Räder der anderen Reihe der Bewegung von den ersten Satz.
In einem Bericht von enthüllte der ehemalige Teststar Roberts (52), dass er Narben im Gehirn hat, die in einer Studie gefunden wurden, in der er mit 24 anderen ehemaligen Spielern teilnahm.

“Zu sagen, dass Sie Gehirnverletzungen haben, ist wirklich schwer zu hören”, sagte Roberts für BBC.

“Ich war mir vollkommen bewusst, dass etwas mit mir nicht stimmte, aber zu hören, dass ich Narben in meinem Gehirn hatte, war überraschend, es ist ein irreversibler Schaden.”

Quelle: Nachrichten Corp Australien
Die Studie wurde letzte Woche veröffentlicht und stellte fest, dass wiederholte Kopfschmerzen während einer cheap nrl jerseys Karriere zu langfristigen Behinderungen geführt haben.

“Die Spieler müssen sich bewusst sein, dass sie ihre eigene, gut informierte Entscheidung treffen können”, sagte Roberts.

“Sie müssen die Konsequenzen eines wiederholten Schocks kennen, denn es gibt einen Preis, den Sie bezahlen müssen.”

Roberts spielte während einer guten Karriere zwischen 1986 und 1998 über 200 Ausstellungen für South Sydney, Wigan, Manly und North Queensland.

Er spielte neun native Spiele für NSW und 13 Tests für Australien.

Der BBC-Bericht erwähnt auch die NRL und sagt, dass es „mir der Studie“ und „Gehirnerschütterungen ernst zu nehmen und weiterhin international bewährtes Verfahren im Gehirn zu bringen, ein zu halten“.

NRL hat wichtige Schritte unternommen, um seine Gehirnerschütterung Protokolle die letzten fünf Jahre auf den Punkt zu stärken, in denen Spieler, die aus dem Gebiet vertrieben zwei oder mehr Kommotio in einer Saison erleben, bis sie einen unabhängiges Gehirn Spezialisten spielen bekommen,

Kommotio hat ein wichtiger Punkt der Diskussion im Profisport als Teil einer Studie der ehemaligen NFL-Spieler worden, die über umfangreiche Fälle von schwächenden Herzkrankheit chronische traumatische Enzephalopathie oder CTE enthüllt.

In einem Interview mit The Daily Telegraph, Dr. NRL, Dr. Paul Bloomfield letztes Jahr: “Wenn Spieler bestimmte Kriterien für Hirnverletzungen oder Kopfverletzungen erfüllt haben, treten sie in unser fortschrittliches Gesundheitsprotokoll ein.

“Ein Teil dieses Prozesses ermöglicht es dem Verein und dem Spieler, eine spezielle Verletzungsverletzung zu beurteilen, um dem Spieler und dem Verein zusätzliche Fachärzte zur Verfügung zu stellen, wenn der Spieler wieder sicher spielen kann.

“Diese Protokolle basieren auf den besten Praktiken der Welt.

„Auch wenn es Teil der Regeln ist, ist es wichtig zu beachten, dass es unser Ziel ist es, den Verein durch diesen Prozess zu helfen und die klinische Bewertung und Verwaltung des Vereinsarzt zu unterstützen, die nach wie vor dem Hausarzt seines Spielers ist.“

Roberts sagte der BBC, dass er bereit sei, an der Studie teilzunehmen, die seine Gehirnverletzung identifizierte, um zu sehen, ob seine Symptome ein direktes Ergebnis der Rugby-Liga seien.

“Ich hatte einige psychische Probleme, weil ich von Rugby-Teams war”, sagte Roberts.

“Meine erste große Gehirnwäsche war in meiner frühen Jugend, und als ich professionell wurde, wurde ich 14 Mal bewusstlos.

„In den letzten fünf Jahren habe ich bemerkt, dass mein Gedächtnis Dinge verlangsamt hat, und mein Gedächtnis ist nicht so scharf, wie es war. Ich wusste nicht, bis Proben von Stücken, weil meine Fähigkeit, Linien zu lernen verschlechtert, ich bin nur nicht so heiß wie Ich war mal. “